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HD Work Gear is an Approved Supplier by the Public Utilities Commission


Welcome! “HD Work Gear (HDWG) is a Family Owned and Operated Business."  HDWG is one of the last few remaining “Mom and Pop” online business retailers, now in our 12th-year!  We are forever grateful to our loyal customers who have, over the years, have come to know us on a trustworthy and professional level, you give us the staying power as we struggle against Google ad placement and big business.


HD Work Gear founders are construction trade workers and it is our aspiration to supply quality construction clothing and footwear to the trade industries. Whether you are an apprentice, journeyman or master tradesman, HD Work Gear is your one-stop work gear online store. Our catalog is derived from only selected, first quality work clothes and footwear brands that undergo a rigorous inspection and often times having been field tested by HD Work Gears affiliate Meza General Engineering and Construction Company with over 30-years in the trades including heavy equipment operation, excavation, underground utilities, demolition, soil remedial compaction, seismic retrofit work, precise grading, site layout work, structural foundations and masonry.


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