Boulder Bag 770X400

Flame Resistant FR Umbrellas

Best Practice —Personal PPE Safety Strategies— LAPCO FR Umbrella When Outdoor Task Assignments and Other Field Work Requires Workers to Use a Protective Shade Element, These Umbrellas Provide Both Personal Shade Protection and Promote the New Safety Culture for Social Distancing in the Workplace; The Later, Has Become the New Normal.  HDWG Says. . .“Stand Your Umbrella and Stay Healthy.”


OSHA Approved Task Shade Umbrellas and Flame Resistant FR Umbrella - This is a Must Have Field Safety  Equipment Item.


Protect Yourself and Your Crew From Heat Illness - Highest Risk Factor - Direct Sun Exposure

Symptoms include feeling lethargic, confusion and loss of consciousness; in severe cases of heat illness can result in heat stroke and can be deadly. The victim's face will flush red, skin is hot and dry non-sweating, a severe headache, deep and rapid breathing, possible seizures and unconsciousness.  These conditions can be fatal and emergency medical treatment is required; call 911 immediately for medical help. Until help arrives, move the victim into a shaded area, loosen their clothing and water mist their body, administer CPR when necessary.


HD Work Gear is The #1 LAPCO and Black Stallion Construction FR Umbrella Dealer.


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