Diamond Saw Blades

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Safety Requirements and Safety Checks:

  1. Always use full personal protection equipment [PPE] when operating equipment using diamond blades [for more information visit online: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3151.html].
  2. Match the equipment and the blade specifications to the material type being cut.
  3. Verify that the power equipment and all auxiliary safety components meets the manufactures operating specifications and that the service records reflect that the equipment is in proper work ready conditions.
  4. Follow the proper equipment start-up and shutdown procedures.
  5. Verify that the correct mounting of the blade on the equipment being used and always follow the manufactures safety protocols.
  6. Always operate diamond blades with the equipment safety guards in place.
  7. Inspect the blade before and after each use for diamond segment damage, disk trueness and arbor fit.  If signs of damage are suspected, discard the blade.
  8. Do not force the diamond blade to cut; cut in multiple passes as needed matching the equipment and the diamond blade for ease of cutting.
  9. Do not exceed maximum operating speed established for the blade diameter.


Saw Blade Information
Blade Diameter  Speed  Cutting Depth
inches mm  rpm  inches mm
12 305 3024 3 5/8 92
14 356 2892 4 5/8 117
16 406 2268 5 5/8 143
18 457 2016 6 5/8 168
20 508 1814 7 5/8 194
24 610 1512 9 5/8 244
25 635 1452 10 1/8 257
26 660 1396 10 5/8 270
30 762 1210 12 5/8 321


Note: Diamond blade cutting depths listed above are approximate.  Actual cutting depth will vary with the saw components such as the equipment chassis, blade guard and the diameter of the blade collars.