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With over 43 years of manufacturing experience, Black Stallion continues to lead the market in high quality, innovation driven design and value added products specialized for personal protection equipment markets [PPE]. Our commitment to user centric-design, commitment to consistent manufacturing quality, and overall best-practice processes to ensure our position as one of the best solutions for distributors leadership in the welding, industrial, safety, oil & gas, mining, electrical & utility, and construction markets.

Black Stallion BSX Helmet Utility Bag GB200

GB200 BSX Helmet Utility Bag GB200 Padded bag protects a welding helmet and expensive lens from bumps and scratches Zippered inside pocket...


Black Stallion Toolbag Cross-Trade Approved GB150

Two (2) Offered at This Price Welders Toolbag 22" L x 12" W x 16" H GB150 Large toolbag with outer zippered end pocket; can be used in...


Black Stallion FR TruGuard 250 Hi-Viz Class-2 Cotton Vest VF1110

Premium Safety Vest Made of 100% Cotton Offers Both Comfort and FR Compliance, Ensuring Complete PPE Full Layer FR Clothing.   Black Stallion...