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Revco Black Stallion Flame Resistant Industrial Umbrella UB100


  • Model: UB100
  • Shipping Weight: 14
  • Manufactured by: Black Stallion

Umbella Stand Sold Separately [See Umbrella Stand Option Below]
Industrial Quality Flame Resistant Umbrella - Tested and Approved by Thomas
Top Vent Panel Provides Added Stabilization in Windy Conitions 
Black Stallion 7-foot diameter FR Industrial Safety Yellow Umbrella UB100, Stand Sold Separately [See Umbrella Stand Option Below].
OSHA Approved and a Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirement.

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Ready Link Reference:


Protect Yourself from Heat Illness, the Highest Risk Factor is Direct Sun Exposure and Conditions Can Be Fatal

Heat Exposure Symptoms:  Feeling lethargic, confusion and loss of consciousness. In severe cases a heat stroke can result. The victim's face will become flush red, skin is hot, dry and non-sweating, a severe headache may develop, deep and rapid breathing will cause possible seizures and unconsciousness. These conditions can be fatal and emergency medical treatment is required; call 911 immediately for medical help. Until help arrives, move the victim into a shaded area, check for responsiveness, lay them down face-up, supporting the head, neck and back in a straight line, monitor their breathing, loosen their clothing and water mist their body. DO CPR WHEN NECESSARY.


Black Stallion 7-foot diameter FR Industrial Safety Yellow Umbrella UB100

  • Powder coated aluminum 1.5-inch diameter pole
  • Flexible fiberglass ribs will not warp
  • FR Vinyl rip-stop fabric
  • Jam free tilt mechanism
  • Top wind vent reduces wind up lift
  • 7'  high and 6'8" wide
  • Includes sturdy carrying case
Optional Umbrella Stand UB50 [Special Combination Pricing]

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